Headshots without Faces

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Headshots without Faces

You see them everywhere, on Linked In, Facebook and company websites all over the Internet – headshots without faces.  It’s astonishing, the number of people in the business and social media world, who do not have faces! What exactly is going on here? If they are fortunate enough to have been given a face, why keep them hidden from view? This is a question I have mused over, ever since I became a portrait and headshot photographer in Tucson.

Headshots Without Faces

Headshots without Faces – Do you know anyone that looks like this? Be a friend and tell them, they don’t have to continue going through life, without a face. I can help!!!

I think the vast majority of no-face people are simply dragging the line, putting off until tomorrow, what they should have already done, weeks, months and, in some cases, even years ago – which is to contact a professional headshot photographer (me) and schedule a headshots sitting. Granted, this is probably not the case, with all the no-face people. I’m sure, there are a few who actually have valid reasons, for wanting to remain anonymous. However, I can only speculate as to what those reasons might be.

One possible reason may be that the no-face person is really not a person at all. Instead, they are probably just ghosts, not real ghosts of course, just some scam artist, carpetbagger or entity, operating with ulterior and possibly even nefarious motives. They don’t unveil their face, because they don’t have a face. In other, although I will acknowledge probably very rare instances, the no-face may actually be a fugitive, running from the law, who, for obvious reasons, is making every attempt to remain incognito. Perhaps, in even rarer cases, the no-face is just so darn good looking, he or she simply wants to make sure their future precipitous climb up the corporate ladder is in no way influenced by their drop dead beautiful looks. To them, I say, “no worries, I am a professional. While I traditionally use lighting that is designed to flatter the faces of my subjects, if you would like, I can employ lighting techniques that will make it look like fright night.” In all likelihood, though, these  scenarios only account for a very small fraction of the no-face people.

In most cases, no-face people are just average Joe’s and Josephine’s, like you and me, dragging their feet. They have every intention to one day acquire a professional profile photo of themselves, just not today. If you are one of those people, you certainly do not need me to tell you, in the business world, dragging your feet is rarely ever confused with putting your best foot forward.

Alas, the business world is no place for a no-face. If you, or someone you know – a mother or father, a sister or brother, a friend or co-worker – is a no-face person, living or operating in the Tucson area, I can help! All you have to do is to take step one. Do it now and stop living without a face!

Step 1: The only thing you need to do is contact me, Paul Van Helden, today, to set up a headshot sitting. It’s that easy! It doesn’t matter, if you schedule your sitting for today, next week or sometime later this year. The important thing is to set the wheels in motions, by taking this critical first step. The shoot, itself, will be much less painful than you ever imagined! I guarantee it!

Who Are You?

Who are you? We would really like to know!


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